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Gallery of My Work

Explore the Artistry of Bloom with Brandy

Welcome to my world of floral wonders! Each arrangement in this gallery is a testament to the beauty and creativity that flowers can bring into our lives. From the delicate intricacies of wedding bouquets to the bold statements of event centerpieces, my designs are crafted to capture emotions and create unforgettable memories. As you browse through these blooms, imagine the possibilities for your own special occasion.

Every petal, color, and arrangement here tells a story – of love, celebration, and artistic passion. My journey in floral design is not just about creating beauty; it's about weaving your unique narrative into every floral piece. Whether it’s a personal event or a grand celebration, my designs are tailored to bring your floral dreams to life.

Let's discuss your event and begin our creative journey together!"

Bridesmaid with bouquet in peaches and pinks designed by Brandy Ferrer Simply Beautiful
Bride with bouquet and arrangement with roses, peonies, greenery, designed by Brandy Ferrer
Stunning pink and peach floral wedding arch created by Brandy Ferrer
Rainbow of flowers for wedding arch designed and arranged by Brandy Ferrer, Simply Beautiful Floral Co
Bride holding bouquet of roses, ranunculus, buttercups designed by Brandy Ferrer
Brandy Ferrer designed this unique crescent moon wedding arch with rainbow flowers
Beautiful bride holding bouquet and standing in front of wedding backdrop that was designed by Brandy Ferrer
Incredible floral tablescape with high floral centerpieces arranged by Brandy Ferrer, Simply Beautiful Floral Co
Bride and groom getting close with her wedding bouquet in the foreground designed and arranged by Brandy Ferrer
Wedding reception floral table arrangements with gold table setting by Brandy Ferrer
Spring floral pastel bridal bouquet designed and created by Brandy Ferrer
Pretty pink and lavender wedding reception table centerpiece designed by Brandy Ferrer
Stunning tropical floral arrangement on buffet for wedding reception designed by Brandy Ferrer
Huge hanging chandelier arrangement made with wood, roses, and peonies designed by Brandy Ferrer
Incredible floral buffet tablescape at wedding venue designed by Brandy Ferrer
Spring bridal wedding bouquet with roses, daisies, greenery designed by Brandy Ferrer
Floral crown in the style of Frida Kahlo created by Brandy Ferrer
Daisy arrangement and bridal arch created and designed by Brandy Ferrer, Simply Beautiful Floral Company
Black and white wedding with stunning white rose bridesmaid bouquets by Brandy Ferrer
White rose and peony floral wedding arch for black and white wedding developed and arranged by Brandy Ferrer
Bride and groom in front of beautiful wedding arrangements designed by Simply Beautiful Floral Company's owner Brandy Ferrer
Pretty paste bridal and bridesmaid wedding bouquets designed by Brandy Ferrer
Many floral arrangements by Brandy Ferrer for an outdoor wedding with a tropical feel.

Feeling inspired by what you see? Let's collaborate to make your floral vision a reality.

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