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Brandy Ferrer of Bloom with Brandy and Simply Beautiful Floral Company, Gilmer, Texas

I'm a Floral Artist, Educator, Tech Enthusiast, Community Leader, Dreamer, Mother, and the Ultimate Flower Whisperer.

But wait, there's more! I’m also a small business strategist, mentor to aspiring florists, technology integration advocate, detail-obsessed creativity nurturer, persistent achiever with a flair for the unique, small-town cat lover, travel enthusiast, and the official morning coffee connoisseur for my lively family.

See, I’m not just defined by one role, and I bet you aren’t either!

I’m here to help you blend those vibrant parts of your identity and turn those dreams into a living, breathing reality. Let's grow your floral business into something extraordinary, starting now!

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Learn with Brandy Ferrer's floral eCourses perfect for florists in any stage of their journey

Learn with Brandy

Packed with years of flower-power knowledge and tried-and-true marketing wisdom (because I only teach what I've actually bloomed with!)

My e-courses are perfect for budding florists at any stage of their journey. Ready to nurture your business with strategies that really grow profits Let's dig in and cultivate success together in the world of floristry!

Elevate your floral game

with Brandy's digital goodies

Drawing from a wealth of expertise and hands-on marketing know-how, my digital downloads are tailored for everyone, whether you're just starting out or scaling new heights in your floral venture.

They offer a roadmap to crafting a potent, custom strategy for business growth and mastering the art of profit generation. Dive in and transform your floral business today!

Not Your


Florist Blog…

Brandy Ferrer writes The BLOOM BLOG - centered around educating floral shop owners

Welcome to the BLOOM BLOG:

Where Flowers and Business Flourish

Real advice, real insight, and real honesty (the good and the bad) from a real flower shop owner.

Join me on a whimsical whirl through the world of flowers, where every stem tells a story and every bouquet means business. It's not just about arranging flowers; it's about arranging success with a sprinkle of fun! Expect to find practical insights on floral design, empowering advice for budding florists, and honest reflections on the business of blooms. Bookmark us for a bouquet of insights on using technology to make your floral fantasies flourish, along with a dash of humor to keep things light. Let's laugh, learn, and leverage tech together!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS…

Julie Andrews' style (don’t ask me to sing, though)

Floral Favorites and Tech Treasures:

What's Blooming in Brandy's World?

Curious about what a flower shop owner and tech enthusiast cherishes? Peek into my world of wonders! From floral design gadgets and wellness essentials to style must-haves and my go-to AI tools for seamless business operations, I'm sharing it all. Discover my favorite blooms, tech hacks, and little secrets that keep my shop running like a well-oiled machine.

If you're looking for ways to simplify your floral business and infuse it with innovation, you'll find plenty of inspiration here. If you crave a life that’s less complicated, less cluttered, and way more efficient, then you’re going to love what I’m loving.

Elevate, Educate, and Celebrate with Brandy

Ready to blossom with a personal touch? Whether you're seeking a floral masterpiece for your special event, a VIP Day for tailored business coaching, or an inspiring workshop filled with petal-packed knowledge, I'm here to help.

Let's create something beautiful together, elevate your floral business, or spread the joy of floristry with my engaging presentations. Connect with me and let's make magic happen in the world of flowers!

Get 1:1 floral business coaching with Brandy Ferrer

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