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SmarterQueue: Schedule Socials and Build Engagement

Have you checked out SmarterQueue yet? It's my go-to tool for managing social media effortlessly. It ramps up engagement like a blooming garden and gives me more time to focus on my floral creations by reusing evergreen content. Want to experience the magic? Use my special link for an extended free trial of SmarterQueue. Let's grow our social media presence together!

Make: No-Code Workflow Automation

At Bloom with Brandy, we're all about making your floral business bloom smarter, not harder. That's why we love Make.com – your go-to platform for automating tasks and workflows with ease. From managing orders to streamlining social media, Make.com helps you juggle less and create more. Ready to elevate your floral game? Sign up through our exclusive link and see the magic unfold: Start with Make.com

Detail Flowers: Every Document You Need for Your Shop in One Place

Details Flowers is an awesome software I discovered back in 2018. It's a game-changer for us florists and designers, making things like inventory tracking, proposal making, and payments a breeze. And guess what? I've got a special deal for you!

Use my code "brandyferrer" when you sign up for a new account, and you'll get $50 off for the first two months. It's a fantastic opportunity to boost your business with ease. Check it out and let's grow together!

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